The best rated crossbows that money can buy.

When contemplating purchasing one of the best rated crossbows ever, people will say which is the better, recurve or compound  bows. So, for those hunters who are considering using this primitive weapon, we will go over some of the pros and cons about the various models available.

Developed over hundreds of years and originating from china, it has has been refined into a such an accurate hunting weapon than was ever conceived. Sometimes so small and light to be fired with using one hand, with the larger bows that need two hands to steady the weapon, and aim similar to a rifle. The more expensive and refined target bows are extremely accurate, they can be used so well for game hunting at very long distances. Fit a zoom rifle scope on the bow, maybe a 20-50 power and your shooting becomes so accurate.

Crossbows in use today | Compound or Recurve bows?

The name ‘recurve’ came about, because of the shape of the bow. Using a single string, it makes the bow very easy to use and more importantly maintain. The recurve carries the more traditional shape of the well known bow. This bow is simply made, and because it does not utilize cams and pulleys, maintenance is not an issue. The design is so simple, this is what makes the recurve extremely reliable. Some hunters love this recurve bow, so do shot any other type of bow.

The other type of bow is the compound bow. This uses a gear and pulley system with cams. This system creates a large amount of stored kinetic energy. Compound bows can be smaller because of the bow, but also weigh slightly more. This is due to the complexity of the cams and pulley system.

best rated crossbows

Old style recurve’s do have advantages over the compound models, but of course, there are some disadvantages that you should be aware of.

The Compound Crossbow.

1. Compound bows are simply more complicated. The pulleys require more maintenance, and if they are not trimmed properly, the power can diminish as well as the accuracy.

2. Compounds tend to have more moving parts, so more chance for things fail.

3. Compounds are generally more expensive.

The Recurve Crossbow.

1. Recurve’s tend to be larger in width due to the bow and less compact. Recurves can be over 20 inches in width at the widest part. In comparison to a compound, which can be about 2 thirds of the same width.

2. Recurve’s generally produce less power. Recurve bows normally can never achieve the same speeds,power of a compound bow. More power generally means more distance.

3. The recurve is cheaper, and less complicated.

How far can the best rated crossbow shoot?

A frequent question that is asked among hunters is, just how accurate at at 100 yards distance?  Many people have asked if they can shoot over the 100 yard distance and hit it’s target. People who use bows, tend to think of them similar to rifles. Lots of people never actually shoot bolts, so have little experience with them.

When the arrow leaves the string, it will begin to lose energy. The heavier bolts leave the string at a slightly slower speed, but hitting target with a heavier force. Lighter bolts travel quicker, but hitting target with a smaller punch. Bolts shot out to 100 yards will take arrive in about a second, so the shooter will have to decide which type of bolt is required to hit the game. If its an elk sized game target, then the heavier bolts will be required.

These are fantastic weapons, but were not designed to shoot over long distances. However they’re easily accurate up to 50 yards, but there are exceptions that can easily shoot past this distance. If you have a 440+ fps model, accurate shooting can be had up to the 100 yard range. So the conclusion is, you should be looking fat a 440 FPS bow,  if you want to shoot at long distance.

The drop of the bolts at distance.

A 400FPS model can shoot a bolt to over 400 yards, but hitting the target consistently and bringing the target down, then the effective range drops to about 160 yards. To shoot these distances, you will need to be well practiced and compensate for such bolt drop and crosswinds. To give you some idea, a 400 grain arrow fired from a 400FPS bow,will drop the following,

  1. At about 20 yards no drop is seen at target.
  2. At about 30 yards approx 4 inches dropped at target.
  3. At about 40 yards approx 11 inches dropped at target.
  4. At about 50 yards 22 inches dropped at target.

Comparison of the best rated crossbows.

Scorpyd Aculeus 460FPS

Scorpyd Aculeus 460FPS

If speed and power is what need, then the Scorpyd Aculeus 460FPS is probably your cure. Top rated for power at 460 fps, there’s not much competition to compete this weapon. The draw weight is 180 lbs, so a little tough for some, and the specification make it outstanding. Aggressive in nature and looks, with a weight of 7.5lbs.


TenPoint Nitro X

TenPoint Nitro X

Looking sleek and standing just over 7 inches tall, the TenPoint Nitro X will impress. It’s narrow profile stands just 7 inches. Comes with a Range Master scope that compensates for speed, to ensure that your shots are always on target.

Packaged with six EVO X bolts in the kit, so straight away you can take a shot. This bow has an incredible 440 fps available so its up there with the best.


Excalibur Matrix Mega 40

Excalibur Matrix Mega 40

The Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 is one of the fastest recurve bows thats available. It has a mind blowing 405 fps available and produces kinetic energy of (127 ft.lbs).

The Matrix 405 is a full package bow that includes the Twilight DLx scope, a detachable quiver, Diablo bolts, 150-grain field points, and a rope cocking device. Warranty is for life.


Barnett Whitetial Pro Str

Barnett Whitetial Pro Str

The Barnet Whitetail is another 400 Feet Per Second model in Tru Bark Camo. The Package includes a 4×32 illuminated scope, Side Mount Quiver, Two 22″ Headhunter Arrows.

Its a 400 fps bow that will shoot just as fast and accurate as all of the models tested.


Summing it all up!

Choosing a crossbow on power and accuracy is not to difficult. You must take into consideration various variables, such as weight, pull strength, and maintenance. If you think that more power is better, well think again, if you can hit what you’re aiming at, its pointless, so it make be better to look at a slightly less powerful, but more accurate bow. Anyone has to way up all of the options before spending out a large amount. Over 440fps sounds great, but make sure you can aim and fire, and hit the target, otherwise its just a waste of money.

If you have decided that power is the first priority, and you really want and can handle 460fps, then look at best that is available, and which you can of course afford. The best bow on show is without question, the Scorpyd Aculeus 460. This model of bow has been designed especially for maximum power and speed nuts, and comes with a wide range of nice options. This bow will never disappoint you, although a a little on the expensive side of things, but without doubt is the best. This is the crossbow wins the best rated crossbows of all time.